Geodesic Glamping Dome, High Quality Structure

I am John and I own Bespoke Outdoors Living Ltd. I supply exciting outdoor living spaces for people to enjoy a more environment enriched lifestyle. I have worked internationally all my life and especially loved working within the Asian markets. I have seen the units, stayed in them, and loved them, that is why I am selling them. I have been to the Factory, met the staff, and also slept in them under the stairs, not that you would know that. These domes are of the highest quality I could find and are made by the number one Chinese tent manufacturer, who not only build these domes but pavilions, anything from a 5m to 20m dome which is installed where ever the PGA goes, they build the biggest and the best. You will find their units and structures at all the best gigs in the world, including sporting events and days of celebrations.

So with this Glamping dome. Firstly here in West Sussex I can put one up and not have to ask for planning. But for other areas I suggest you check with local planning. This Unit comes with a 180 degree scenic window, has a solid galvanised and coated frame. three men can stand on this during the build process, that is how solid this unit is. I have seen them doing it. You get a weather strip to ensure no water comes in under the sides. It has a vent on the roof to allow circulation. The 5m and 5m domes come with the insulation liner, this ensures a good average temperature and it looks amazing. See it appears as sheet buttoned to the inside so the frame is invisible.

It also comes with a solid door installed in the frame, and has a wood appearance however it is aluminium for safety and longevity. This gives the structure even more strength. Nobody offers this dome with this quality at this price in Europe. I have slept in it, i have built them and installed a full wet room in one. I am having one put up in my field before October. I was to have one sooner but I have sold all I have had so far.

So this unit is best installed on a solid wood deck with a clearance of at least 10 inches to allow air to circulate the wood. We recently installed one 8ft off the ground overlooking a lake on an estate in Scotland. Amazing. If you can dream the right spot for it you can install it anywhere.

Dome is totally waterproof and UV resistant. You can install a standard curtain rail and curtains to the window if you so wish.

I have a team who can install the unit if you so wish, cost is extra obviously, however it does need to be on a good solid structure, sound and level. We can also guide you on how to put a structure in place or in fact have our team to do it at a cost of course. To be honest if you have the platform in place 3 people can get this up in a day, however I suggest you plan to do it over 2 days and don’t rush the build, weather is also a concern, really 2 dry days are best.

Useful Floor Space: 28.26 sqm / 304.18 sqf
Diameter: 6 Metres
Height: 3.5 Metres

Now there are other suppliers who sell similar items and profess to be high quality. I cannot vouch for that and I don’t think they can, as they just buy them on Aliexpress and ship them over. I have been out to the factory in Guangzhou and also stayed the night in one at the ice festival in Harbin. These Domes I sell are top quality build 850g material and I state my reputation on that.

So the Dome is 6m and the cost is £6000, delivery is extra but at cost, will be a courier due to weight.
Other sizes available 8m, 10, 12, 18m and 20m.

It takes 30-40days for delivery however it may take 50 days if your Dome needs a new build and not ready to ship. 6 weeks is the max. I can send some video footage if you want to see Harbin views of the dome village etc
Buy with certainty of the quality I promise.

Geodesic Dome 6m £6000, delivery Extra, Installation can be offered at extra

The Bespoke Outdoors Living Tree Bubble
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“The most beautiful experience ever, high off the ground, a feeling a weightlessness and peace.”
That is what one of our guest wrote when they installed and enjoyed there first night inside the Tree Bubble Tent. Now please excuse the word “Tent”, because this is not like any other tent you know, this is a highly designed and structurally safe aluminium pod with a solid floor and mattress. It can withstand 300KG, and wind load of 100 KM/H and a snow load of 75KG/SQM. This is more than the average tent.

Now I have that out of the way. This creation has been years in the making and is now just coming to the market ready to be installed in your environment. They presently have been rolled out across the world from Amazonia to the high Himalayas from Scotland to the Black Forest in Germany. Most have been used as unique and high-end rental usage whereas I see them as the ultimate additional living space. Floating high above the ground in a sold unit just laying under the stars in this unique bubble is a joy to behold.

The specification is the tent is a 3m structure with a 2m solid floor. The aluminium frame and supports withstand up to 300KG. The Bubble was created with a new reinforced alloy coated to give longevity. The whole bubble appears like a tellurion, its 3m diameter with a strong thick Alloy support structure to ensure the bubble can be fixed tightly when it is moved into position between the trees ready for the ultimate glamping experience.
We have the a 850gsm PVC cover which is best for the potential extremes of weather we get in the UK and Europe. The Bubble is waterproof and fire resistant DIN4102 B1/M2. Comes with Ant-Mosquito nets, window and roll up doorway. We do not supply the fixing ropes or rope ladders; however we can offer assistance and even installation should you so wish. This service is extra.

Why not order your today and start enjoying life high in the trees. We are wood specialists, but we could not let this outdoor lifestyle go unnoticed or unexperienced. We love the Domes, either on the ground or in the air. You will too.

From order to delivery due to the production timeline is 6 weeks from order.
Cost £4800

Thanks for looking at Bespoke Outdoors Living Ltd, We hope we have inspired you to enjoy your outdoor space.

John Walsh

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