Shell Shaped Glamping Structure

This beautiful and new structure has only been completed this year. We have installed a hole community in Menghai County which is in the Yunnan Province, and has been so well received it has won many international awards. The units where put on this site specifically to test it durability and its capabilities in extreme weather conditions. They have been hit with wind speeds to 120KM/H and heavy rain and snow have also been tested, all very successfully.

The design has created a super strength structure, that not only looks fantastic but will last the test of time and mother nature. These units come with everything to make your stay comfortable, including insulation liner, and full frame and windows and door. The unit is waterproof and UV protected, obviously is flame retardant to M1-B2 requirements. This unit is ready to be shipped and ready to enhance any site, home, hotel or leisure complex.

Why choose the Eco Tented Lodges be they Shell or Snail.

1. Flexible and convenient, ecological and environmentally friendly

In some terrains where permanent buildings are not easy to build, such as on hillsides, in jungles, on sea beaches, in rivers and lakes. Because the hotel tent structures use modular assembly structure, it can be built easily and quickly in most natural environmentally sensitive areas. During the construction process, the surrounding natural environment is rarely excavated and destroyed, and it can be better integrated into the ecological environment.

2. Rapid construction, safe and stable

The Shell and Snail tents are made of modular steel-wood frame, which can be safely and stably used in different terrains. The tents can adapt to the temperature range of -30° to 70°, and can withstand 80-120km/h winds in the outdoor environment, carrying rain and snow. The eco lodges roof is made of ultra-light PVC, PVDF, PTFE and other materials, with good waterproof, UV-resistant, tear-resistant properties, as well as B1/M2 fire resistance. 90% of the hotel tent Manufactured process is completed at the factory, which can reduce construction time.

3. Artful, luxurious and comfortable

The tent structure uses the membrane structures as the roof. The membrane structures is based on styling and colour science. Combining the natural environment, ethnic customs and human geography, according to the architect’s creativity, the curve and shape that are difficult to achieve by traditional construction are achieved here. The tent structure with its beautiful and unique shape is full of fashion charm and blends with nature. The interior of tent can be decorated with bedrooms, bathrooms, rest area and other areas. The tent cottages could offer luxurious furniture, comfortable flooring, smart lighting and other facilities. You can experience the comfort of a five-star hotel in the wild.

Durable life and low maintenance cost

The tent lodge is constructed of high-strength aluminum alloy, stainless steel and carbon steel. It is matched with high-strength, fully waterproof PVC or PVDF fabric membrane to ensure product life and reduce maintenance intervals.
Product Name Resort Tent Shell Shape Size 6x7m 26sqm
Color White Only Application Accommodation
Cover Material PVDF Building Membrane Frame Material GB Q235 Steel
Connector Strong hot-dip galvanized steel Wind load Max. 120km/h (can be reinforced)
Snow load 75kg/sqm Farbric Thickness 0.83±0.02mm
Weight of Fabric(g/㎡) 1050g/㎡ Yarn Count(yarn/cm) 12/12 yarn/cm
Tear Strength 520-580N(DIN53363) Tensile Strength 4000-4500N(DIN53354)
Temperature Resistance -30℃ – +70℃ Life Span 15 Years

Snail Tent Shape Unit

Snail Tent Shape Unit

The style of this Tent Structure is inspired by the conch shells we find on the beach. However it has more importance than just appearance as this unit is super strong and spacious due to its design. It is so beautiful and well made that people always say I am happy to live in this, and I understand why. The site in China is so futuristic yet subtle to the landscape it takes your breath away. This is a complete joy to behold. Plus great value for money.

This unit was also tested in very volatile conditions in multiple provinces in China, where they have various weather systems including high winds, high heat and extreme cold. It has been a pleasure to be part of the team in China, there attention to detail is second to none.
I will be putting the first units at a lakeside venue in September. The units are a tent so for purposes of planning the process is easier. If there is such a thing with our planning departments in the UK and Europe.
Our size offered is 6x7m 26sqm

Specification for Snail Shell Tent

Product Name Hotel tent Roof cover 1100g/sqm PVDF coated fabric tensile
Main materials Q235 steel frame Membrane colors White or optional colors
UV Transmission T-UV 0% Surface treatment method Hot-dip galvanized steel
Maximum Tempertature (-30)~(+70) ℃ Snow load 75kg/sqm
Flame Retardancy DIN 4102 B1 Adhesion >150N/5cm
Tensile Strength 5200N/5cm Yarn Count(yarn/cm) 12/12 yarn/cm
Wind load ≥120km/h (lever 12) Transmittance 6-8%
PVDF membrane

Advantage of PVDF cover membrane structure:

1.Recognized quality with low price.
2.Easy to clean.
3.Waterproof PVDF cover membrane structure
4.Not be rusty & rotted
5.No beams and brackets.
6.More freedom of building physical shape
7.Better cost-effectiveness
8.A shorter construction style
9. Lower energy losses
10.Greater span of the building space

Price £14,500

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