Outdoor Living structures

Introduce a fresh breath of style into your outdoor space with our “Thrones Bespoke Collection” range. The Thrones Collection offers a contemporary take on outdoor living with a rare collection of handpicked either solid oak beamed pieces or pine beamed pieces which makes up this extremely eye catching and hard-wearing collection. Each beam will offer its own unique character with its exposed knots, cracks, and nicks, making no two pieces exactly alike. A characterful unique piece.

The Throne Collection is made to last the test of time and will weather naturally adding even more character.

Outdoor Living structures

The Throne Picnic Table

The Throne Picnic Table, a huge organic structural piece, completely unique and designed out of the need to socialise. The table measures a very healthy 2.6 metres x 2.4 metres across. It holds a very stable and rugged weight so there is little chance of damage. It comes in either Oak or Pine. The steely grey beauty of Oak can be used to blend in and disappear into the landscape while ensuring its beauty continues season into season. The pine table can also be built in a 3-metre square size. The Pine is again chosen for its beauty, either allowed to weather or protected with oils and yacht varnish to leave it always looking a golden orange in direct sunlight and golden at dusk.

This design has been tried and tested in a busy venue site and has seen thousands of individuals enjoying the space it allows, it has also withstood the many adults deciding to stand and dance on it, with no visible effects to the surfaces. This is also complemented by the beautiful ‘Throne Canvas Cushions’, which are waterproof. The Sunbrella fabric is water, fade, mould, mildew and stain resistant. This long-lasting UV protected material is both durable and elegant.

The Throne Collection is a collaboration between woodwork and ceramics with a known exciting artist based here on the farm in West Sussex. All her work is bespoke and unique just like our rugged beauty in our outdoor collections. She creates structural sculptural pieces that mirror the beauty of the outdoors often inspired by nature and natural forms. Ceramicist ‘Wendy’ has created for us , summer functional Table Art’ a dinnerware selection for the throne tables using a Leach Tenmoku for exterior decoration but central vibrant colours to set everything off.

Make your garden work harder for you, with our collection of rugged, rural unique garden outdoor living structures. Your garden should be an extension of your home, offering additional space that is both stylish and functional but truly exciting.

PIne bench table

2.6m x 2.4m Pine Table

Price £2000
PIne bench table

2.6m x 2.4m Oak Table

Price £2800
PIne bench table

3m x 3m Pine Table

Price £2600

The Throne Barbecue

This unique piece of outdoor living stuctures was created only this year and has proven to be a great asset to all who have ordered and taken delivery. I great fun piece with wonderful look and feel. Again, comes in either Oak or Pine. The exciting piece is a collaboration between us, Wendy at ClaynGlaze and an artisan metal works. The Barbecue Bar has been an extremely exciting project, first one built and released on the farm and we have made great use of it. The structure is a massive 3.5 metres long, 1 metre deep and 900mmm high. It has a large work surface which doubles as the bar counter, space underneath to place coals, wood and even room for a fridge. The organic feel of wood on this scale makes it a very sensual piece.

The Barbecue Bar can be extended to make a double size unit at 6m.

The steel designed Barbecue cooking unit is a massive 800mm x 600mm x 200mm depth without the dome roof. It is truly beautifully hand made, and with age and weather it will look even more beautiful over time.

The Green Man sculpture is delivered with each unit as is the Barbecue unit and utensils as shown.

The prices are for the delivery and assembly of the units only, groundworks, platform build would be additional. We build and deliver the unit with the assumption a platform for them to be built on is in place. If you require a platform to be put in place, please ask and we will price it for you.

PIne bench table

3.5 metre Barbecue in Pine with Cooking unit and sculpture installed

Price £2800
PIne bench table

3.5 metre Barbecue in Oak with Cooking unit and sculpture installed

Price £3400
PIne bench table

6 metre Barbecue in Pine with Cooking unit and sculpture installed

Price £4200
PIne bench table

6 metre barbecue completed in Oak with Cooking unit and sculpture installed

Price £4800

Footings and platform work need to be scoped if you require us to do it.

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