Good design and true originality are at the heart of what we do. We work extremely hard to make sure that our outdoor buildings not only perform well with efficiency but has that edge on attention to detail. They need to fit in with the surroundings, become part of the environment and not become an obvious statement.

Timber Frame retreat

Any building can be manipulated on the inside to give that internal space an exact replication of you want, however the outside matters most, it must become the outdoors. It must have an appearance that blends into the outside space without effort. We could have gone down the sleek modern looking city offices pod route, but we believe the blending in to ones rural surroundings is aesthetically preferable. All our outdoor structures are designed around aesthetics and comfort with that unique twist.

Timber Frame manufacture


We are proud to say not only are our pieces made in Britain but also, we are pioneering the use of state-of-the-art technology where we can in our structure production, whilst maintaining a craftsman’s hand finish on every piece. With decades of experience between us, our workshop thrives on the talented work of our craftsmen. Being both ‘Designers’ and ‘Makers’ allows us to make custom alterations to individual pieces from our collections with ease, and produce unique, bespoke, site-specific and complete designs to a brief.

Why we build Timber Structures

  • Generally, the build costs for timber frame structures, especially small to medium size, are much less than traditional methods like brick or stone.
  • Wood is the perfect renewable building material; natural, durable, easy to use, strong and stunningly beautiful, perfect for framing work and exterior cladding, creating an ideal truly sustainable building. A totally recyclable structure.
  • It is a very accessible form of construction
  • Timber frame buildings in the main only need minimal concrete footings, often concrete blocks are more than adequate. You will not need a level sight for a timber frame structure, saving costs in levelling and excavation.
  • You can often build a timber frame structure in your garden without planning permission. There are basic requirements to meet regarding floor area, height and proximity to the main house. We will guide you on this.
  • Flat roof structures are ideal for fitting a variation of either fibreglass or green roof.
  • We build you a garden studio, room, gym or office that is as beautiful, long lasting, warm and as sound as any other form of construction.
  • Apart from anything else timber clad buildings fit completely comfortably into any landscape or setting.
Timber Frame house
Timber Frame room

The cost of the buildings is based on design and finish. I have shown below the approximate cost for the buildings shown in the photos.

Approx. £22,000

Small Country Cottage 6m x 4m Finished to Plaster, solid wood floor. Down light LED, 6 double sockets, two external spotlights. One open space. Includes triple opening patio door as in photo but all wood finish now, and 1.8m x 1.2 double glazed windows finished in wood. Shower room can be added at extra cost.

Approx. £31,000

Large Country Studio 9m x 5m Finished to plaster, solid wood floor included. 6 Down lights on suspension lines, 12 double sockets, 2 external spot lights. 2 x large double-glazed windows in wood, 2 large double opening double glazed wood patio doors and one small feature double glazed window in wood. One open space. Room can be divided at extra costs.

These examples are designed as a guide only. Final price is determined by overall size, shape, specification, groundworks, access and location.

If you would like to find out more about your own bespoke Garden Room project then please contact us now to book a site survey.

Thanks for looking at Bespoke Outdoors Living Ltd, We hope we have inspired you to enjoy your outdoor space.

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